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Day 1 - Increasing Confidence

Day 2 - The Voice

Day 3 - The Body

Day 4 - Passion and Connection

Day 5 - Putting It All Together


JUNE 22-26  6-7PM PST


Workshops are uniquely designed and tailored for the specific needs of your team!


Some of what we cover...

  • Learn the secrets to singing all styles.

  • Transitioning artists from choral to modern styles.

  • Full body training to maximize vocal health and endurance.

  • Increase range, power, and intimacy.

  • Increase confidence, authority, and connection.

  • Laugh, cry, have fun, step out of your comfort zones, and be SET FREE!

  • And Much More!


Upcoming Workshops & Events 

22-26 June   Modern Vocal Workshop        Online

TBD       Vocal Workshop                                Tri-Cities, WA

TBD       Details coming soon                        Great Falls, MT

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